RF810RK RF wireless headphones by Sony

RF810RK RF wireless headphones by Sony

Type: Tech, Headphones


Overall: 74% | Quality: 7 | Usability: 8 | Value: 7

The packaging isn’t too great and lacks in some information I would usually like to see for headphones.

The transmitter is okay but the aerial is cheap and after a while it will most likely give-way, on the plus side – this does give the headphone a fair distance. I would say from the house to the end of a small garden.

Let’s move onto the most important thing about these headphones; Sound. They are reasonably loud, the bass isn’t there but that’s to be expected from wireless headphones. The overall sound is okay but a little hollow.

Overall – if you don’t mind a pair of £30 sounding headphones that were turned into a wireless pair and slapped with a £60 price mark, these will do the job.

Thank you for reading. – Judge Shaun.

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